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Company hosting

accueil d'entreprises

APROPORT offers plots, warehouses, buildings and offices for rent on its own port platforms in Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon, in order to allow professionals to establish themselves as closely as possible to the multimodal means of transport (river-rail-road) located on the APROPORT infrastructures for the transport of their goods.

Our Services

  • Rental of bare plots or building land
  • Rental of buildings
  • Warehouse Rental
  • Office rental

Our Availabilities

Port of Chalon-sur-Saône Port of Mâcon


  • River Saône : 73,000 m²
    • A 20,000 m² area
    • A 53,000 m² area


  • Sheltered dock :
    • A 4,700 m² area


  • River Saône : 32,200 m²
    • A 5,000 m² area
    • A 7,000 m² area
    • An 11,500 m² area
    • An 8,700 m² area


  • Sheltered dock:
    • An 11,000 m² area


Our Strong Points

Direct access to the river, rail and road networks

  • River Network : wide-gauge Rhône-Saône axis, with regular container services to the GPMM (Grand Port Maritime de Marseille or the Great Port of Marseilles).
  • Rail Network: quick access to the Paris – Lyon – Marseille line.
  • Road Network: motorways to Paris – Lyon – Geneva. but also the RCEA (Route Centre-Europe Atlantique or Central Europe Atlantic Highway)

They are located on our ports, in Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon

  • La Coopérative agricole Bourgogne du Sud
  • Eurovia Bourgogne
  • CARMEUSE France
  • Terre d’Alliance
  • DALKIA Environnement