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APROPORT provides you with the human resources and the equipment needed for loading and unloading finished products or commodities in the ports of Mâcon and Chalon-sur-Saône.

With polyvalent port staff qualified to use handling plant, we offer you flexibility and responsiveness with our services.

Our Services

APROPORT handles all kinds of packaged  or goods, bulk :

  • Bulk : aggregates, ballast, fertilisers, road salt, coal, animal feed, cereal, perlite, glass cullet, …
  • Wood : timber, logs, sawn timber
  • Recycled products : scrap metal, wood chips
  • Manufactured products : heavy loads, oversized loads, drums, coils, metal sheets, merchant bars
  • Shipping containers and swap bodies
  • Big-bag, pallets, packages …


Technical facilities

We have a wide range of equipment and can off any services required.

Port of Chalon Port of Macon

1 35 tonne dock crane

3 hydraulic cranes

2 container ship (40 to 45 T)

2 locomotives (of which1 rail-road)

2 scoop loaders

2 hold loaders

4 forklifts (2.5T to 15T)

2 weighbridges

1 50T container trailer

Hoppers and conveyor belts (fixed and mobile)


1 64 tonne dock crane

2 hydraulic cranes

3 container ships (40 to 45 T) one of which equipped with swap bodies

3 locomotives (one 1 rail-road and 1 certified nation rail network)

1 scoop loader

6 forklifts (2.5T to 25T)

1 weighbridge

2 50T container trailers

Hoppers and conveyor belts (fixed and mobile)




Our Facilities

  • To accommodate for boats we have docking stations allowing for different kinds of boats simultaneously: sea-going vessels, Rhone river, pushed convoy, barge, freycinet…
    • In Chalon-sur-Saône : 5 berths, representing 600 m
    • In Mâcon : 3 berths, representing 400 m


  • To accommodate for trains we have a national rail link (linked terminal facility) capable, on each of our port locations, of receiving several  freight trains:
    • In Chalon-sur-Saône : 1100 m of track
    • In Mâcon : 1650 m of track


  • To accommodate for lorries, we have manoeuvring areas and HGV parking on each of our sites.


Our Strong Points

Quality Control approach (ISO 9001 version 2008), guaranteeing the performance and quality of our services, in each stage of our activity.

HACCP approach meeting the requirements of security and food hygiene enforced by European legislation and guaranteeing the traceability of goods to our customers.

1st French river port to have the authorisation to use the national rail network with our own human and material resources.

Experience in all kinds of handling (massified goods, wide loads, bulk, container unloading, big bag ...).

1000 T heavy loads lifting gear on the edge of the Chalon port site, partially run by AREVA and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saône-et-Loire.


Key Figures

  • 1500 to 2000 boats dealt with each year
  • 1 to 1.2 million tonnes river cargo handled
  • 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes handled by rail
  • 1.5 to 2 million tonnes handled by road
  • 40,000 to 55,000 TEU (containers) each year


Some of our customers :

  • Arcelor Mittal
  • NFM Technologie
  • ROCK
  • TMRC
  •  …