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Logistics chain

chaîne logistique


Your multimodal logistics expert.


Forwarding Agent

PORTS INTER, a subsidiary of Aproport, is specialised in the organisation of total or partial logistics chains using mainly river transport combined with road and or rail.

Our expertise in multimodal logistics will allow you to benefit from flexible solutions that are reliable and respect the environment thanks to the use of different modes of transport: river, road and rail.


The Logistics Difference

PORTS INTER  offers you a turnkey service for dealing with your goods by optimising the combination of the different modes of transport in order to reduce your costs and guarantee our delivery times.

We manage the flow of merchandise on departure and arrival along the main logistics axes:

  • River :  Rhône-Saône axis, Seine and Rhine on wide gauge, canals for narrow gauge (Freycinet)
  • Sea-going : Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea
  • Rail
  • Road


For river transport, as well as taking into consideration the logistics chain, the carbon footprint and social report are carried out (atmospheric pollution, greenhouse gases, security, noise ...)


Our Sectors of Application

Ports-Inter is specialised in the following areas:

  • Products in bulk or in big bags : cereal, sand and gravel, coal, bauxite, perlite, construction materials, livestock feed, road salt, wood ...
  • Heavy loads and wide loads.
  • Containers : capital goods, consumer goods ...
  • Metallurigical products, steel products, chemicals, manufactured goods.


Our Know-how

We offer for your bulk transport a reliable logistics solution which is both economic and respectful of the environment and which includes:

  • Tracking : real-time tracking of the different actors of the logistics chain.
  • Continuous control of the operations.
  • The coordination of the different stages.
  • Stock management and reporting (traceability according to the mode of transport).
  • Customs formalities (AP + system).
  • Purchasing and renting of containers.
  • Environmental advice : the carbon tax ...


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