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APROPORT offers industrial companies storage services, in closed or open spaces, on secure sites under surveillance.

At the request of our customers, APROPORT is able to offer further related services :

  • computerised stock management,
  • packing and unpacking of containers,
  • changing packaging,
  • bundling or unbundling of your goods.

Our Services

  • Various storage services are offered  :
  • Storage in unmarked warehouses of all kinds of product in bulk or packaged (pallets, big bag, cardboard boxes, coils ...)
  • Metallurgical products : metal sheets, merchant bars, coils
  • Products intended for containers (mineral water for example)
  • Heavy loads
  • Soybean meal
  • Perlite
  • Outside uncovered storage
    • Cullet
    • Ballast
    • Aggregates
    • Coal
    • Road salt
    • Products to be recycled

Our Facilities

Port of Chalon-sur-Saône Port of Mâcon

17 acres of storage space of which 8.75 acres of container terminal

7 600 m2 building surface area

12 acres of storage space of which 6 acres of container terminal

12 400 m2 building surface area


Our Strong Points

  • Direct access to the river, rail and road networks
    • River Network : wide-gauge Rhône-Saône axis, with regular container services to the GPMM (Grand Port Maritime de Marseille or the Great Port of Marseilles).
    • Rail Network : quick access to the Paris – Lyon – Marseille line.
    • Road Network : motorways to Paris – Lyon – Geneva. but also the RCEA (Route Centre-Europe Atlantique or Central Europe Atlantic Highway)
  • APROPORT disposes of  MADT authorisations (temporary customs zones) in order to store goods intended for exportation or importation in customs areas, either in covered warehouses or in external areas.
  • APROPORT is also able to deal with dangerous materials on its port platforms in Chalon-sur-Saône et Mâcon. 

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